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Ships and Meshes
The Intrepid model was created by Sarod with additional work carried out by Mike Cugley. Oberth/Grissom mesh and Peregrine mesh by Eric Peterson. Pre TOS ship meshes by Fabio Passaro, original pre TOS ship designs by Masao. Type 10 shuttlepod mesh by Nico Weigand, MAX conversion by Mattc with Lightwave object cleaning by infinityloop.

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Our sincere thanks to all those that assisted in getting our productions to the screen. Special thanks go to the Hidden Frontier team, Rob Caves and Risha Denney and Darker Projects, the Starship Exeter and New Voyages teams for their support and Starship Farragut for prop donations. Also thanks to all others in the fan film community, without which, we would not have got this far.