USS Intrepid (NCC-74600) Personnel

Captain Daniel Hunter, played by Nick Cook  (Character bio)
Nick is the Producer of Intrepid and wrote the story and screenplay. He also works on the props and creates the costumes. His interest in Star Trek started with "The Original Series" in the 70's. Starting out with amateur dramatics and panto work, more recently Nick could be heard performing in the Darker Projects' production of "The Section 31 files" and Martin Lejeune's "Making Kelham Famous". He enjoys walking, geo-caching and exploring. He particularly enjoys the location shoots for the scenery and camaraderie.
Lieutenant Yanis Caed, played by Lucie Cook  (Character bio)
"Charlie X" was the Star Trek episode that hooked Lucie as a teenager and she has been a fan since. As well as acting in Intrepid, one of her makeup duties is the "Romulan ears, constant improvement project". She enjoys the power of veto as her husband is the co-creator and Producer Nick Cook and most of the production is filmed in their house. She enjoys going to auctions and scouring shops, searching for "interesting" items such as books. Although she enjoys researching them more than reading them. Lucie has a particular fondness for Las Vegas and always enjoys visiting America.
Lieutenant Matthew Cole, played by Steve Pasqua  (Character bio)
As well as playing Lt Cole, Steve also acts as assistant cameraman for Intrepid. Although he enjoys Doctor Who slightly more, he is a long time Star Trek fan. His shoulder appeared in an episode of the BBC's "Sea of Souls" and his first role in school was an elf in "The Elves and the Shoemaker". Steve keeps very busy travelling, attending and assisting with conventions, trading cards and going to the cinema and theatre.
Lieutenant S'Ceris, played by David Reid  (Character bio)
David's first exposure to Star Trek was "The Next Generation" in 1989 and he has been hooked ever since. His involvement with various Star Trek groups around the Dundee area meant he was in the right place at the right time to join the Intrepid production from the beginning. Outside of Star Trek, he enjoys hill walking, geo-caching, photography and gardening. His penchant for D.I.Y and hand crafts has served him well in his set construction and makeup duties for Intrepid.
Lieutenant Michael Simmons, played by Nick Beckwith  (Character bio)
Star Trek III and TNG confirmed to Nick that he really enjoyed Star Trek and his interest in Intrepid started with the GMTV piece from 2006. He joined the production in January 2007. He has been involved in a number of amateur productions as part of East Kilbride Light Opera Club, including "Anything Goes", "Kiss Me Kate" and "Oklahoma!". He runs his own business and thankfully confines cat-flavoured dog food and the wood-burning microwave to his mock radio broadcast "Radio Bute", created with friends.
Captain Leransilia sh'Talath, played by Shire Smith  (Character bio)
Shire stars as Captain Talath, the Intrepid's Andorian Commanding Officer. Shire is well known in the audio production world and brings her extensive voice acting skills to the character of Talath.
Ensign Sarah Stiles, played by Jen Graham  (Character bio)
Jen plays the Intrepid's Science Officer and Pilot.
Lieutenant Sanjita Raman, played by Ferdos Ahmed  (Character bio)
Ferdos plays a Watch Officer aboard Intrepid.
Ensign Faldor, played by Martin Lejeune  (Character bio)
Martin has worked on a number of self-made productions with his "Broken Biscuit' production team and his own "Jedied" series for a while. He has been an extra on the BBC for "Down to Earth" and a zombie in "Shaun of the Dead". A relative newcomer to Star Trek, he cut his "Star Trek" teeth in the early 90's with TOS and TNG. He enjoys writing scripts and the occasional poem. The attention to detail, pursuit of quality, modesty and fun team spirit of Intrepid persuaded him to travel hundreds of miles to Scotland to take part.
Lieutenant Corin Gaines, played by Roy MacPhail  (Character bio)
Roy has enjoyed Sci-fi from an early age and Star Trek and Doctor Who were two of his favourites. An ex-pat Scot, he enjoyed meeting up with the Intrepid team one Christmas where he secured his voice role in the production. He likes to travel, eat out and attend the theatre. Roy also likes to keep up to date with current affairs and occasionally attends the gym.

Charybdis Sector Personnel

Lt Commander Jacen Navar, played by Alan Christison  (Character bio)
Alan has appeared in over 30 stage plays since he was 5 years old, several of which he directed. He has appeared in several musicals including the Scottish amateur premiere of Titanic the Musical and over 15 pantomimes. He has written three panto's (Flash Gordon, Tarzan and Old Macdonald had a.... Panto - which premiers December 2007). Stage acting requires a different discipline than acting in front of the camera with no chance for re-takes! His love of amateur dramatics, family and Doctor Who keep him very busy when not on the set of Intrepid.
Commodore Aaron Prentice, played by Alan Score  (Character bio)
Alan stars as Commodore Aaron Prentice, Commander of Starfleet forces to the Charybdis Sector.
Lt Commander Joseph Garren, played by Gordon Dickson  (Character bio)
Gordon has been with the production from its inception and assists with set construction, logistics and still photography. He has been a Star Trek fan since the 70's with "The Original Series" and can be heard (listen very carefully!) in the Darker Projects' production of "The Section 31 files". Very much a fan of his Sky+ PVR and NDS, he also enjoys reading, photography, Star Trek collectibles and Egyptology. Working on Intrepid allows him to work with a great group of friends and the opportunity to make new ones.
Governor Karyn Finney, played by Lyn McGarrity
Lyn plays the Federation career Diplomat, Karyn Finney, Governor of Chiron IV.

Merchant Marine Personnel

Dr Richard Garren, played by Mike Cugley  (Character bio)
When not working on his own Star Wars fanfilm, the talented Mr Cugley serves as one of Intrepid's resident visual effects artists. Mike is responsible for renaming Sarod's gorgeous Lightwave Voyager to Intrepid.
Director, Captain Jago Merik, played by Steve Hammond  (Character bio)
With directing, editing, script consulting and providing composite plates and CG shots, Intrepid keeps Steve very busy. His first memory of Star Trek was on a 4 inch black and white TV. Steve was one of the original team that Intrepid coalesced around and has been fending off "Is it ready yet?" messages ever since. Steve had one of his plays broadcast on local radio although it was different than intended. He enjoys finding new music and cycling. Intrepid started as a hobby and seems to have gone beyond that now. If it wasn't for his iPod, he would probably be sulking!

USS Pandora (NCC-11327) Personnel

Lt Commander Xara Tagen, played by Lynn Robinson  (Character bio)
Lieutenant Keran Azhan, played by Alex Matthews  (Character bio)
Lieutenant Solek, played by Bodo Hartwig  (Character bio)
Chief D'Gor, played by Alain De Mol  (Character bio)
Alain grew up with TOS back in the early 70's. He has performed as a Ventriloquist and Magician in Belgium before settling in Scotland. Performing in a Star Trek production is a childhood dream come true for Alain who always wanted to be in a movie and loves the Klingons as portrayed from TNG onwards.
Lieutenant Ellis Gibbs, played by Michael Hudson  (Character bio)
Crewman Emily Kendrick, played by Alison Dickson  (Character bio)
Petty Officer Joshua Taylor, played by David Robertson  (Character bio)
Crewman Andrew Leighton, played by Jay Clark  (Character bio)

Chiron Station Personnel

Sr Chief Petty Officer Alexander Quint, played by Dave Lees  (Character bio)

Other Starfleet Personnel

Admiral Harek T'yla, played by Jeff Hayes  (Character bio)
Well known in the world of Star Trek fan films for his excellent artwork and tireless assistance in adding that little extra. Jeff is the talented graphic artist responsible for the banners, website graphics and other compositions found on this website. Jeff's artwork is also featured in other promotional materials for 'Heavy Lies The Crown'. This time Jeff gets to work in front of the camera as well as behind it.


Brandy Seymour, Computer voice
Brandy is a professional actor, poet and writer from the US who lends her voice to the Intrepid's main computer. Any fan of Star Trek knows the computer voice is a bit special and Brandy pulls this off wonderfully.

Visit Brandy's website Here
Dennis Bailey, Visual Effects
Dennis wrote and co-produced the eagerly awaited Starship Exeter episode "The Tressaurian Intersection". He also wrote the TNG episode "Tin Man" and the screenplay for the TNG episode "First Contact".

Lee Andrew, CGI and Sound Design

Dylan Feeney, Intrepid Theme Music
Dylan composed the wonderful Theme Music for Intrepid

Visit Dylan's music site Here, where you can listen to the Intrepid theme

David Beukes, Intrepid Music Score
David is the Intrepid score composer. He is a long term sci-fi fan (which has the most excuses for big, epic music) and has performed voice overs and singing work. He jumped at the chance to create the score for a Star Trek show and is pleased to have a bridge cameo as Petty Officer Charl Zondag. Spending time with the Intrepid crew remains a highlight of his time in the UK. Making music remains his first love and is in the delightful position of being able to do it both as a hobby and a career.